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Brant Gard, Founder

Brant has over 35 years of experience with the manufacture and quality assurance of biomedical products, including cardiovascular devices, antibody and DNA-based In-Vitro diagnostics, and parenteral radioactive tracers. In his production roles, Brant was responsible for the manufacture of products as diverse as MAbs, radiotracers, and viral antigens. As a Quality Executive, he has established and certified quality systems for several companies, and achieved CE marking of their products.

While working with cardiovascular product startups, Brant saw the need for a responsive Ethylene Oxide sterilization service that addressed the distinctive needs of the medical device community. Brant founded BLSS to provide the speed and reliability needed to reduce the device manufacturer's time to market. Guided by his experience in fast turnaround production, strong commitment to quality, and hands-on leadership, the BLSS team is the one you want to perform and control the critical task of product sterilization. 


BLSS operates 3M Steri-Vac sterilizers providing the capacity to keep queue times to a minimum.
Designed to be a workhorse, these sterilizers have been installed in hospitals and commercial facilities world-wide. The system uses a fixed-volume, single-use EO cartridge to assure safe dispensing of a consistent amount of sterilant, every time. The system is highly regarded for safety, consistency, and reliability among both users and regulatory bodies. BLSS maintains a preventive maintenance program with 3M, assuring maximum operational time.
Chamber dimensions: 
8XL: 7.9 cu.ft.   
(38” deep x 20” wide x 18” tall)

5XL: 4.8 cu.ft. 
(32.5” deep x 17” wide x 15” tall)


Heated aeration is often used to bring residual EO / EtO to levels safe for patient contact. At BLSS, aeration can be performed at a variety of temperatures, allowing the aeration conditions to be tailored to the characteristics of your product.


BLSS has a dedicated chamber on-site for loads requiring preconditioning. Contract sterilizers in other locations may have wide seasonal variations in temperature and humidity, making it necessary to precondition loads for an extended time. With the temperate climate in the San Francisco Bay Area, preconditioning may not be required to assure effective sterilization. For cycles where it is specified, our dedicated chamber allows us to provide preconditioning beyond the limited conditioning phase programmed into the Steri-vac system.